Summer is ON. Let’s try to bring out the latest trends in ACs.

Inverter AC’s by Sharp

Sharp Air Conditioners use the latest Direct Inverter Technology which is preferred the world over. All ACs sold in Japan and over 50% in Americas use this technology. It’s a new initiative by Sharp in India. These ACs runs on the economically friendly R410 gas, while most ACs in India still use R22 gas, which is likely to be phased out by Jan 1, 2013.

Here is the comparison – TCO in 5 Years

Normal vs. Inverter – TCO in 5 Years
Price – AC(1 Ton) 25,090.00 40,900.00
Running Cost (5 Years) 121,329.00 60,301.00
TOTAL 146,419.00 101,201.00
*Running cost based on 10 Hrs. usage per day for 10 Months SAVINGS (INR)


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